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| Why Do The Elderly Love Babies So Much?

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Ever notice how our elders simply light up when babies and kids come around? Ever notice how they stare at you and your little one as you walk through the mall or while you wait at the doctor’s office? Ever notice how grandma always has a piece of candy for Jr. when he comes over to visit?

Why is this? Well, I’ve always wondered.

Could it be the smooth baby skin? Maybe it’s that wonderful baby smell. Or sometimes it’s the curiosity of children and how they abound with energy!

It might be even be deeper than you, I, or even they realize. Could it remind them of their once innocence? Do they long for those days again? There’s a chance that they wish to start over-to re-do, if you will, life. I wonder if they briefly think of their last 75+ years and how they might have made different choices, thereby, resulting in better health, more wealth, healthier relationships, a different religious affiliation, etc. Or maybe they are remembering raising their own children along with the ups and downs of doing so.

My opinion:

Evidenced by an elderly lady I ran into coming out of Publix yesterday, who asked to see my baby in the covered stroller, who then replied “are they really a blessing, are not they?”, They simply see little ones as blessings. They respect the miracle of giving birth and raising children to become assets to society. Seniors have been there and done that. They know all-to-well how difficult it is to raise children, and all-to-well that there’s no greater satisfaction!

The next time you’re walking through the mall with your little one, or in the park, or in the drug store, please take the time to stop when you see the glassy eyes of an elderly individual gazing and admiring. They want to see your baby and experience all of those wonderful emotions again! If you visit a loved one in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or retirement community, by all means, walk your child around to speak to everyone who’s receptive.

If their faces do not brighten up, trust me, their spirits will!

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